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Welcome to the Eternity Archives!

The Eternity Archives is an award-winning anthology actual play podcast with a multi-dimensional twist. Linda the human office lady, Zen the barbarian lizard princess, and Ryl the tiefling nerd baby must work together as part of the mysterious Library to keep the multiverse intact. How? By playing as many TTRPGs as possible! Join Bappy, Dorca, and Ziva every other week as they keep the fabric of time and space in order by learning, teaching, and playing new games in this universe-hopping, GM-rotating, queer-led AP podcast.


Bappy (they/them)

Bappy has played a little D&D 5e, as a treat, but also some Monster of the Week. They enjoy weeb things like cat girl waifus, superhero bugmen on motorcycles, and regrettably, mobile gacha games. They play Ryl de Drakuell, who is a big goofy goober, just like them.

Dorca (she/her)

Dorca is a long time TTRPG player and an even longer-time roleplayer. Outside of gaming, she struggles to divide her time between rock climbing, swordfighting, and making chainmaille. She plays Zenxora, aka Zen, the seven foot tall brawler lizard girlfriend she’d like to see in the world.

Ziva (she/her)

Ziva has been playing tabletop games for 20+(!) years. She loves unicorns, fantasy BS, roller coasters, and renfaires. She plays Linda Baumgardener, the lovable office lady with a penchant for cats and baking. Please do not send her pictures of pretty dice, she has cats to feed.


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New Jersey Web Fest 2021


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New Jersey Web Fest 2021


Outstanding Actual Play Podcast

Miami Web Fest 2022

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New Jersey Web Fest 2021

Rainbow Roll Fest 2021

Miami Web Fest 2022

Diversity and Inclusion

The Eternity Archives is dedicated to diversity and equality in all its forms and fully supports the Black Lives Matter movement. We look to play games that uplift and promote BIPOC and underrepresented minorities and commit to showcasing diverse talent on our show. A portion of our support from our listeners will be donated to causes that uphold these same principles.