New to The Eternity Archives and not sure where to start? Our Chapters are self-contained stories, so you can jump in at any time that interests you! If you want a better feel for what we're all about, we recommend listening to Episode 1 first.

A note on transcripts: we're working on them! Transcription, especially on podcasts that contain a lot of fantasy names, is pretty labor-intensive, so it takes us some time to get these done. If you'd like to request transcripts for a particular episode or chapter, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Chapter One: Dungeons and Dragons 5e

Chapter Two: Monster of the Week

Chapter Three: 13th Age

Chapter Four: Lancer

Chapter Five: Wheel of Time

Chapter Six: Henshin!

Chapter Seven: Heroic Chord

Chapter Eight: Dungeon Bitches

Chapter Nine: Wildsea

Chapter Ten: What's So Cool About Monster Blood?

Chapter Eleven: Hack the Planet

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